Serious Games for Safety, Quality and Innovation

Serious games have the potential to teach complex cognitive skills in an engaging way, at relatively low costs. Their flexibility in use and scalability makes them an attractive learning tool. At this year’s Serious Games Conference 2018, local and international speakers will share how game technologies (game development, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and internet of things) are used to impart knowledge and evaluate skills.

Both industry and healthcare speakers will share how they develop the various scenario; balance between game sessions and time for reflection; how data are captured at the backend carried out both individually and in group; and how to develop strategy that relies on an inductive approach to pinpoint skills. This is specially so for our healthcare practitioners and clinicians whom has developed numerous games that is showcasing how such innovative game approaches would ultimately lead to patient safety, improved quality and innovation in the healthcare sector. In short, we hope to lead the way and show you how to initiate a serious games project within your organisation.

Serious Games Conference 2018 is all about innovative training tools for the future workforce; creating a future work pool for our technologist leveraging on learning analytics and instructional design; and creating future solutions.

 If applying game technology could be used to teach the notion of a skill ‘located in activity’, and offers a way of identifying learner’s own transverse skills, the application undeniably offers a complementary approach to skills development.  It allows the learners to record their own experiences by contextualising them. The application ‘supports’ the learner through their experiences / situations to generate an awareness of their own abilities, and then their transverse skills in Problem-solving, communicating, handling information, working as a team – all depending on the chosen situation/scenario.

At this year’s event, we will also be launching the Serious Games Evaluation Framework that will see the formation of the first Serious Games Quality-labelling Centre. We will also share how the serious games community here in Asia could help game developers co-create, commercialise and market their games internationally.

So, we hope to see you at the 6th Serious Games Conference on the 26th October 2018 (Friday) at SingHealth Academia!