Booth T1: Advanced Remanufacturing & Technology Centre (ARTC)

The ARTC is a contemporary platform built upon strong public-private partnerships to translate research to industry application. The ARTC is led by A*STAR in partnership with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Currently the ARTC works with over 60 industry members to develop advanced manufacturing and remanufacturing capabilities. Industry members include, EOS, IHI, Rolls-Royce, National Instruments, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, SAESL, Shell, Siemens, SKF, Trumpf, Zeiss and many more.

At SGC2018, you will find:

A Mixed Reality (MR) approach to clinical education delivered through the use of Microsoft HoloLens on high fidelity manikins. MR is able to overlay information and graphics onto the manikin, enabling trainees to obtain a visual and tactile sense of an emergency situation or training scenario. MR complements high fidelity manikins, allowing more clinical symptoms such as inflammation and changing of skin tone to be superimposed on to the manikin. With the use of MR, more complex scenarios could be created as it allows us to change the clinical symptoms or situation during a simulation run, testing for nursing adaptability. MR also brings a new dimension of realism by allowing manikins to portray emotions such as sadness or pain, and psychological symptoms such as confusion and dazed.

Booth T2: Agate Indonesia

Agate as a gamification solution, providing learning & assessment gamification solution for corporate. We help organizations to develop learning & assessment program that is interactive, engaging and bring positive impact to the real work activity. We have developed many gamification solutions including game for training, game based-assessment, gamified mobile learning and simulation training using VR.

At SGC2018, you will find:

In this event we’ll bring some of our product:

1. That are developed to train employee about the corporate code of conduct,

2. Simulation game to measure the employee leadership competency,

3. Mobile learning platform with a fun bite-sized learning content that been gamified, and

4. Our simulation VR about crane training.

Booth T3: Center for Research & Innovation

& SmartCo

SmartCo is an EduTech Startup that designs and develops engaging educational mobile applications using proven foundational learning theories. We work closely with educators and schools to pioneer innovative products that promote authentic learning and enhance the learning experience.

At SGC2018, you will find:

Center of Research and Innovatiuon (CRI) partnering with SmartCo will be showcasing 3-4 products. They will be EduCity Adventure, Smart Kitty, L Cube and Smart explorer. 

EduCity Adventure is an awe-inspiring educational role playing adventure. Pick up universal positive values and foster the development of life skills while having fun! Students start the Adventure as a New Citizen in the city. They can do quizzes in school to increase their experience point and take on jobs at the Career Centre to earn money. Students decide how they want to spend their earnings. They can choose to save, spend or invest in their own startup.

L Cube is a board game that teaches the importance of Life Long Learning. This board game provides students with a window to the world of work by introducing them to Education and Career pathways, Economic literacy concepts, Income Tax, retirement funds etc. The experiential learning also takes them through the impact of the different economic cycles. The game equips students with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions for the successful transition from school to further education or workplace. This well designed game encapsulates relevant and up-to-date current affairs and hence, it enables players to navigate their career pathways and lifelong learning opportunities throughout this game of life. In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives, L Cube introduces an innovative, cashless gameplay using a mobile app to support the physical game board. This boardgame is supported by Lifelong Learning Council under the LearnSG Seed Fund.

Booth T4: Immersive Experience Technology Centre

@Singapore Polytechnic

Comprising Technology & Innovation Centres (TIC) and Technology Development Centre, Department for Technology, Innovation and Enterprise (TIE) provides strategic overview of industry-linked R&D projects and collaborations in Singapore Polytechnic. It aims to jumpstart the development of technology-based entrepreneurial companies among SP staff and students.

Under TIC, there is the Immersive eXperience Technology Centre (IXTC) which aims to develop digital training R&D and solutions by combining state-of-the-art immersive technology and pedagogy frameworks.

At SGC2018, you will find:

A training simulation on food hygiene created on the EASIE (Easy Authoring System for Interaction Education) platform. The EASIE platform allows trainers easily modify and tweak scenarios based on their requirements.

IXTC will also feature an AR “Mozzie Wipeout” app, developed for SGC2018, to demonstrate the strength of immersive technology to enhance learning retention.

Immersive training scenarios are designed within the Simulated Practice Framework developed by Singapore Polytechnic. The Simulated Practice is a pedagogical tool covering the elements of simulation and their roles in Pre-briefing, Actual Simulation and Debrief. Proper applications of these elements will build desired learners’ Habits of Mind.

Booth T5: Gamification Solutions Asia &


Gamification Solutions Asia provides blended learning and personal development solutions using gamification and card games for individuals, schools and companies. We specialize gamification in education, training and personal development. Our vision is to level up people’s life. Our mission is to maximize enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to continue learning. Gamification Solutions Asia is based in Singapore and provide gamification solutions to Asia and other parts of the world. Our customers are mainly from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. We have a complete unique and improvised gamification framework and techniques to guide individuals to achieve their personal, studies or career goals faster and easier than they ever imagined. We train Trainers, Teachers, Tutors, Lecturers and Educators to adopt gamification into their training and teaching to make learning immersive, fun and exciting. We also provide gamification customization and consultation to International and Singapore schools and companies to meet their organisational and corporate short-term objectives and long-term goals, increase students/staff performance and enhance customers’ satisfaction, loyalty and retaining them. For companies, we also provide workplace and employee gamification and loyalty gamification.

At SGC2018, you will find:

QuestLife, together with Gamification Solutions Asia, launches their latest innovation, social talent matching mobile platform powered by gamification. Experience first-hand how matching talent to opportunity can be time-saving, effective and fun like playing games. There are free gift giveaways in completing the game-based activity. They also showcase their other creations, learning gamified mobile platform for enterprises; learning card games for storyshowing and idea mapping; gamification courses such as Gamification Solution For Your Class and EduGamification for educators, learning designers, trainers, Tutors, HR recruiters, consultants, etc.

Booth T6: Red Hare Studios

Red Hare Studios is an entrepreneurial company based in Singapore since 2008. Like the horse of legend that inspired our namesake, we are about strength and determination. We are creative professionals who advocate forward thinking while not abandoning traditions.

At SGC2018, you will find:

Red Hare Studios aspires to apply games to all aspects of life, not only for entertainment. The company offers its services to those seeking innovation and hybrid designs in their educational and serious software applications. It invites anyone who loves weird, unorthodox gameplay mixed with interactive, engaging experiences. Journey together to find the future, making a difference one step at a time through the development of gamified solutions. 

Booth T7: UPSI Malaysia

Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) is one of the oldest functioning institutions of higher learning in Malaysia located at Tanjung Malim, Perak. First established in 1922 as a teacher’s college, UPSI was then known as the Sultan Idris Training College (SITC). UPSI was upgraded to university status in 1997 in line with plans by Malaysia to increase the number of graduate teachers in both primary and secondary schools. Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in eight faculties specialising in Music and Performing Arts, Business and Economics, Cognitive Sciences and Human Development, Information and Communications Technology, Languages, Science and Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities as well as Sports Science. Under the motto “Committed to Making a Difference in Education”, UPSI aims to be a prestigious University that provides exceptional leadership in education through the fostering of knowledge through teaching, research, publication, consultancy and community services to produce highly competent graduates in meeting global changes.

At SGC2018, you will find:

A series of serious games and apps developed by researchers in UPSI, including games for preventing drug abuse (Fight For Future 2.0), preventing childhood obesity (Fight Obesity), teaching inventive problem solving (TRIZ Puzzle Z), and measuring creative thinking among preschool children (FAR Creative Colouring Scanner).   

In particular, UPSI will juxtapose how these inventions were designed, developed and validated for specific purposes. There will also description on how training on gamification and game-based learning in higher education have been conducted by UPSI for various educational institutions across Malaysia, affording them to engage in bespoke serious games production.

Booth T8: Serious Games Asia

We develop fun and innovative products and services to engage, motivate and empower the users to meet the 21st century real world challenges faced by business organisations in today’s competitive environment. Through our understanding of gamification and its associated technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, IoTs, machine learning, artificial intelligence), we provide solutions that contribute to our clients’ sustainable growth, development and competitive advantage.

At SGC2018, you will find:

The AppFORO Learning platform (ALP). The AppFORO is a platform approach for all immersive technology to work together as a learning management system. A platform is a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies are developed. In terms of games-based learning, ALP provides a means to create highly configurable games based on a set of artefacts that can be controlled based on the backend configuration. Developers can concentrate on creating the environment in which technology they prefer (e.g. Unity 3D) and provide content subject-matter-experts with a powerful instrument to personalize or tweak scenarios based on their requirements. This would leave the instructional designers to focus on the outcome they desire leveraging on the content provided. In other words, developers may provide a default configuration of the game that is already playable into the Appforo Learning Platform. This will allow the non-technical content subject-matter-experts and the instructional designers to make changes specifically directed to each category of user based on the user requirements. This means that scaling up more scenarios will be made simpler. The platform backend logic allows developers to write json configuration file, which once uploaded to the platform, will automatically generate a web configuration console for developers to tweak the game mechanics, objectives, levels of difficulty and scope of the game play easily. The toolbox in ALP defines the granularity of actions and parameters that will be available in the Game configuration engine for further tweaking.

ALP allows technology developers, content subject-matter-experts and instructional designers to split their work up, where each role need to access and work on the project at their own time yet still together at the same time. SDK for unity will connect a game to the backend. Maps the backend configuration file on real UNITY 3D objects. In each game, there will be a toolbox created. The toolbox will serve as the client for a specific game. This is where developers come into play. Creating an environment (e.g. Emergency room), adding ‘artefacts’ that can be used in the backend. The developer could also design mini-games using the toolbox. The game can then be publish both as app or as a web GL browser game on PC/Mac. Other deployment can be produced as long as UNITY 3D editor is used and an internet connection is available.

Come and join us and find out more!

Booth T9: Healthconnect Digital

HealthConnect Digital is a leading healthcare technology company that combines deep medical expertise and best-in-class technologies to improve operational and clinical outcomes for healthcare organizations & individuals. HealthConnect Digitals’ proprietary suite includes several solutions and platforms including AR & VR, designed to drive digital transformation in healthcare and medical education.

At SGC2018, you will find:

Mediknit is a professional medical education initiative. Using structured learning courses and open learning methodologies Mediknit focuses on enhancing the delivery and access to best medical education for healthcare practitioners. Mediknit is constantly striving to transform the reach of medical knowledge among healthcare professionals across the globe, with the use of future technologies such as AR, VR, Gamification & Artificial Intelligence.

Booth T10: NUS – The Logistics Institute Asia Pacific

The Logistics Institute – Asia Pacific is collaboration between the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) for research and education programs in global logistics. This collaboration provides joint logistics expertise which caters to the logistics needs of the industries across the world today focusing on global logistics, information technology, industrial engineering and supply chain management. In particular, TLI – Asia Pacific has strong ties with the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech and also has a strong relationship with the Faculties of Engineering, Science, Computing and Business in NUS. This makes for a unique blend of disciplines necessary for the advancement of logistics practice. The Mission is to be the premier Institute in Asia Pacific nurturing logistics excellence in research and education.

At SGC2018, you will find:

At this event, we will be showcasing the Logistic Rush. Logistics Rush is an urban logistics game. Players may choose to play on the role of a Logistics Service Provider (LSP) Manager or as a Mall Manager. 

As a Mall Manager, your role is to ensure that the correct goods are accepted and delivered to the correct shops in your malls, in time. Discover the challenges of an in-mall distribution. Experience the intense deliveries by unlockng more unloading bays and shopping malls. Plan your deliveries to minimise your delivery time, increase or upgrade your delivery equipments. Track how well you did at the end of the day. Analyse how you can improve your process. Rise through the rank from Trainee Manager to Master Manager.

As a LSP Manager, your role is to provide deliveries from the Distribution Center to shopping malls, ensuring the goods are delivered on time. You will experience the challenges faced by LSP on last-mile deliveries. You will need to decide on which vehicle to use, which route to take – efficient or fastest, how much are you willing to bid for shopping malls unloading bay time slots, how many trips to make per day, how many jobs to pick, and many more.

Come and discover the many complexity and challenges in urban logistics settings. Earn Reputation Points and rise through the rank of ‘Trainee’ to ‘Master Manager’ in this fast paced game.

Booth T11: Manzalab Group

Manzalab is digital creation company, using Immersive Medias (Augmented and Virtual Reality) with neuroscience methods. Indeed new medias, as Augmented & Virtual Reality offers new possibilities versus traditional methods: (1) It is an efficient way of learning thanks to experiencing. (2) You can exercice on extreme scenarios without any risks of hurting anybody or damaging expensive equipment; (3) You can now Design and previsualize object or visit site; (4) And finally it is simply much more engaging, specialy for younger generations like millenials 

At SGC2018, you will find:

Manzalab will showcases various case studies developped for training using gamification, micro-learning, and AR/VR medias, but also progress about healthcare R&D projects called neurostars.

Booth T12: Infinity Core

Founded 2011 in Singapore, Infinity Core is an Interactive Digital Agency that specialises in experiential marketing and digital visual, interactive content and solutions development. Specialist in Interactivity, the company has worked with agencies, businesses and brands to transform ideas and concepts into reality.

At SGC2018, you will find:

A showcase of advertgames that Infinity Core has developed for its clients. Speak to us, and find out how our games can help you increase awareness and improve engagement with your target audience.

Booth T13: SKY Optimum Technology

SKY Optimum Technology (SKYOPT) is an interactive technology company that provides customized interactive visualization solutions for users to immerse themselves into a virtual environment. The immersive solution is produced by integrating novel technologies in AI, computer vision and graphics such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality into different practical and training applications that will be useful in a wide range of domains such as health care, military, space planning, education, safety/security, etc. 

At SGC2018, you will find:

Successful projects including using VR to redesign office space for the Prime Minister’s Office, Army Open House 2017 mobile app, national-scale location-based AR app for Singapore National Day Parade 2018, VR Mars Rover for ArtScience Museum, and various serious games for medical training purposes and more. 

Booth T15: SUTD Game Lab

Game Lab primary goal is to research and develop serious games that benefit topics such as defense, education, scientific exploration, health care, emergency management, city planning, and engineering, which includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and AI.  

At SGC2018, you will find:

Ship simulator is a virtual reality application developed to address the limitation of physical simulator. This application is developed in collaboration with a maritime company. It simulates scenario of a vessel at sea or port, and the user performance will be assessed by the maritime regulator before putting them in the field or as a refresher training tool.

“Kinetikos” developed in-house by Game Lab. Step into the shoes of Dan and Rinka, two university students who found themselves trapped when an experiment disrupted the gravitational forces. Experience the adventure through a series of dizzying puzzles as they attempt to restore the laws of physics to their rightful order.

Showcase of B2B games developed in collaboration with other companies.

Booth T16: Takeji Design

Since its founding in 2015, Takeji Design Pte Ltd has set out to be the top agency that fuses creative design and technology to enhance everyday life. The company has established itself as a Digital Media Consultant to various multi-national companies, namely Unilever, GSK, 3M, Twitter, Geometry Global and Brandscapesworldwide.  The team is made up of self-driven individuals with capabilities that are in line with the company morals. Virtual Reality (VR) content creation is a unique and niche service, and the team has proven itself having delivered various VR projects. 

At SGC2018, you will find:

Takeji Design will feature their VR Shopper, which is an interactive computer-generated experience taking place within a simulated retail store environment, that allows the shopper to shop like in the real world. Takeji Design focuses on creating realistic environments with reference from the real world. These realistic high-quality environments are used for conducting researches and testing. An example will be using it for shopper research.  By coupling our VR content with other technologies like Eye tracking and Electoencephalography (EEG), our research partners can harvest valuable data in a digital environment.

Booth T17: Three Learning

Founded in 2005, Three Learning focuses on providing effective e-learning solutions to improve learning outcomes for better performance. Our products and services can be customised to suit teams and business units. Our commitment lies in providing updated solutions to meet e-learning needs. We facilitate the upgrading of skills or acquiring of relevant knowledge, to stay ahead of new challenges in today’s fast-changing world. 

At SGC2018, you will find:

Three Learning’s new simulation style decision making framework. This framework puts learners through various scenarios with time-pressure, scoring, and multiple branches and outcomes. This will be presented to the learner via static graphics and illustrations, though each decision or choice the learner makes will alter the stage environment and elements. The objective of this framework is to provide organisations with a robust, engaging, and effective tool for training their staff on various tasks through learning experiences. Moreover, this framework will allow organisations to scale up the number of scenarios and situations quickly, and relatively cost-effectively.

Booth T18: Republic Polytechnic

Republic Polytechnic, established in 2003, is located in Singapore. There are currently 13,000 students enrolled in the polytechnic. The Polytechnic has six schools offering various programs, namely School of Applied Science, School of Engineering, School of Information and Communications Technology, School of Technology for the Arts, School of Sports, Health and Leisure, and School of Hospitality and has four learning centers, namely Centre for Culture and Communication, Centre for Communication and Information Design, Centre for Educational Development, Centre for Innovation and Enterprise and Centre for Science and Mathematics.

At SGC2018, you will find:

4 different games: (1) Anti-drugs education; (2) Data proctection education; (3) Awareness on tax & (4) Plight of refugees. Their synopsis is below:

The Drug Effect is a board card game that is designed to educate the youths of Singapore about the dangers of drugs and why they should stay away from it. Youths will learn about the consequences and harmful effects of different drugs by battling zombified drugs and gaining resistance levels which will hopefully lead to a drug free lifestyle.

Guild Protect is a single-player role-playing adventure management game on PC, created to spread awareness to business owners on the importance of following PDPC’s 9 Obligations to protect their employees’ data. Play as the guild master and create magic circles to protect the data of your members as well as manage them when sent out on quests and more. Learn the obligations through the consequences of your actions.

Tax City is a serious game designed to educate the public on the benefits of paying taxes and show how taxes can be used to build a better city and better life for them. Player must watch over over a small village and collect taxes while using it to build the economy, housing or infrastructure to make the citizens happy.

Refugee Life is a 3D first person mobile or PC game designed to spread awareness on the plight of refugees and to empathize with them. The game shows the life of a Rohingya Refugee and his family when soldiers attack their village. Exiled out of their own village, they must find their way to safety by traversing through the forest, avoid dangers, and scavenging for resources in order to reach the camp.

Booth T19: V/R

At V/R (, we believe in telling stories through technology. A blend of tech + art + data, we are a niche studio that designs and builds beautiful quality interactive work for clients. 

Based in Singapore, we build content games, data visualizations, interactive animations, 3D decks and frontend data product work for clients.

We believe our work speaks for itself – a blend of good UX, storytelling and technical excellence. Check out our portfolio online, or our showcase 3D deck!

At SGC2018, you will find:

We will showcase a variety of case studies and previous projects on gamification, interaction and visualization work at the event.

(1) Fortinet, Cyber Defender – a game where you play as the Chief Security Officer of a fictional MNC, and need to survive a year of security attacks on a limited budget.

(2) BASF, Elastolit utility – Designed for a big full touch screen environment, this is an interactive self-service piece used for marketing.

(3) An interactive data visualization piece on our 2018 Singapore government budget

Booth T20: Interactive Digital Centre Asia

@ Temasek Polytechnic

This Centre aims to conduct applied research and development in cross-disciplinary issues related to Interactive Digital Media (IDM)that will contribute to Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative by harnessing technology to improve the lives of citizens, create more opportunities, and support stronger communities. The technologies include mobile apps, computer applications using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), engineering analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) as well as innovative gadgets and interactive media. Relevant IDM projects undertaken by the Centre include 3D Simulation and Interactive Learning (3DSaIL), ICT & e-Learning, IoT@Home (a Smart Enabled Home), Real-Time Interactive AR/VR for Collaborative Learning, as well as pilots and trials for the Smart Connected Jurong Lake District.

At SGC2018, you will find:

An app for Security Refresher Training using Augmented Reality (ASRAR). In Singapore, security officers need to attend refresher lessons preferably every twelve months. Training often means that a session has to be organised to get a sufficient number of participants to be present at a fixed time congregating at a fixed location. Officers are sometimes not available due to work commitment. Training may also not be consistent amongst different training agencies. Finally, most records are not consolidated. The solution on showcase involve an augmented reality app that is installed on mobile devices with the following features:

(1) Track user progress

(2) Make use of augmented reality (AR) to offer experiential learning

(3) Allow different instantiation for different training scenario

(4) Easily accessible

(5) Allows competency diagnosis and certification

The project is a collaboration between the Security Industry Institute and Interactive Digital Centre Asia of Temasek Polytechnic.

Booth T21: Zorg voor Projecten (The Netherlands)

Zorg voor Projecten is founded by Richard Jorna. Richard started as a nurse and work at several different healthcare institutions in his career. Time and time again, he notice how much work is being done every day, and sometimes under great pressure, not all things always go well. It is in this difficult times that team work and collaboration ensures things run smoothly. Richard wanted to create a different approach to ensure nurses will continuously improve on their standards to ensure patient safety and maintain their enthusiam in their profession, he subsequently developed the ‘Quarterly Medication Safety’ card game. 

At SGC2018, you will find:

The Quarterly Medication Safety card game. Through the Quarterly Medication Safety card game you will quickly realise how the game emphasizes on:

(1) Requirements for patient safety as establised by the Health Care Inspectorate in the Netherlands. These requirements addresses issues such as “Can team members substantiate their action affecting the safety of the patient?”. The patient is central. Can the player explain why they do what they did and how they act vis-avis what the organization has prescribed?

(2) Building consensus and team play. Every speciality in healthcare is different and even within institutions there are differences in the approach to patient safety. It is then important that you make clear guidelines as an organization/ department/team. Players do that together. 

Booth T22: Enabler Interactive (Australia)

Enabler is a serious games company founded to address the skills shortages in the disability and aged care sectors. Many people need quality support and care to be able to function on a day to basis and lead meaningful lives, but effective training for care workers and informal carers can be inaccessible, inconvenient, ineffective and expensive. 

Enabler training solves these issues by bringing first of its kind engaging, affordable, portable app-based 3D simulation training to the disability and aged care sectors. Accessible on any mobile device or web browser, it is infinitely scalable and brings high-impact, practical training to even remote locations. 

Users must make active choices to support intelligent characters in realistic virtual scenarios that mimic real life situations, preparing them for on-the-job challenges and allowing them to learn and practice their skills in a safe environment.

At SGC2018, you will find:

Enabler will have simulation training modules available to play:

1. Introduction to Disability, an introductory awareness module

2. Manual Handling, basic safety training for lifting, moving and transferring people and objects

3. Possibilities, a disability employment awareness module

Booth T23: MAGES Institute of Excellence Pte. Ltd

MAGES Institute of Excellence is a private education institute providing high quality tertiary level coaching in the fields of Animation, Gaming and Emerging Technology. Lecturers who are experts from the industry provide students with the niche skill-sets required for success within the highly competitive creative technology industry.

At MAGES, we strongly believe that a holistic education incorporates both academic rigor and practical knowledge. To ensure that our courses stay relevant with the latest developments in the industry, we work closely with professionals to tap their expertise while giving Students the opportunity to work on live projects – building their portfolio and confidence.

At SGC2018, you will find:

An eclectic mix of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions created by MAGES Students as their final projects and portfolio. These include Augmented reality games/applications providing alternative learning methods for the Human Anatomy, as well as a VR Library of Dreams meant to alleviate the anxiety of children undergoing stressful medical treatments. 

MAGES will be featuring some of our most recent solutions in the Healthcare / Health-Tech arena. Namely the spotlight on Bliss (Anxiety Management). Bliss is a project in progress with the Colorectal Cancer Department of Singapore General Hospital (SGH). The focus of this solution reduce the fear and anxiety faced by patients in pre and post-operative situations using mindfulness through Virtual Reality. The solution also extends into serious games to guide recovery and collect data for research purposes.

Booth T24: HelloHelo

HelloHolo is the first Mixed Reality Solutions agency in Singapore to provide local developers and companies with exclusive access to Microsoft HoloLens, a self-contained holographic computer that enables people to engage with digital content and interact with holograms. An agency by Axension Studios, HelloHolo was launched with the aim of helping developers and companies in the Asia-Pacific region to build the next generation of applications and experiences.

At SGC2018, you will find:

HelloHolo together with SGH has been working on a modular training platform for Trauma Resuscitation. We will be showcasing a combination of solutions to illustrate the possibilities of tactile training solution. 

– A MR training experience of the Central venous catheter

– A makeshift handheld tool for the Hololens device



Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) was incorporated in 1989 and commenced operations in 1990. It is the designated national centre within the public sector healthcare network, and spearheads and coordinates the provision of specialised ophthalmological services with emphasis on quality education and research.

Playware Studios is a serious games and simulation development team established in Singapore in 2005. Over the years, the team has won 11 prestigious international awards for innovation in online practice through mobile learning technologies. 

At SGC2018, you will find:

Playware’s 3DHive technology. It is extensively used in healthcare education and nurses’ training. Playware has participated in research initiatives with the Singapore National Eye Centre, Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Education, Jurong Health and Tan Tock Seng Hospital. 3DHive can support the development of skills and practice through online and mobile games, simulations, virtual, augmented and mixed reality.