Ang Shin Yuh

Ang Shin Yuh

About the speaker:

Ms Ang Shin Yuh is Senior Nurse Manager, Nursing Research and Quality at Singapore General Hospital (SGH). She also holds a concurrent position as chairman of the SingHealth Nursing Research Working Committee. She received her undergraduate studies from King’s College London under a Public Service Commission Scholarship and subsequently went on to pursue a Masters of Business Administration (with Specialization in Health Care Management) at National University of Singapore. Her research work focuses on well-being of the nursing workforce, the care environment and nursing sensitive indicators such as pressure ulcers and falls.

Session 2A (Healthcare Track) : Revolutionizing Nursing Continual Education and Competency Assessment through the use of Serious Games


Synopsis: Every year, mass competency exercises are conducted to refresh nurses’ competencies in certain key procedures and skills. Such exercises are very labour intensive as assessment is conducted in person and on a one-to-one basis. The assessment involves the assessor providing different clinical scenarios, in order to ascertain individual nurse’s familiarity with practice guidelines, as […]