Carol Loi

Carol Loi

About the speaker:

Dr Carol Loi is a Genetic Counsellor at Singapore General Hospital. She received her PhD at the National University of Singapore. Her various research activities include psychosocial and psychological intervention, quality of life, genetic counselling, and innovative research approaches to address the emotional and mental health needs, particularly among people with cancer and their caregivers. She recently led the ‘Beat Anxiety’ team (comprising surgeons, medical social worker and tech partners) to the National HealthTech Challenge 2018, where they succeeded in delivering a winning pitch in July 2018. Their winning project titled “Perioperative Anxiety Reduction Using Emerging Technology”, aims to reduce the level of anxiety in pre- & post-surgery patients using Mindfulness via Emerging Technology (Virtual Reality).

Session 6B (Healthcare Track) : Perioperative Anxiety Reduction Using Emerging Technology


Synopsis: Fear and anxiety before undergoing surgery is a pervasive problem that can lead to poor post-operative recovery. It is a normal response for all patients to feel anxious before surgery. They may fear of anesthesia, surgery, pain, being unconscious and worried about the uncertainties of their quality of life after surgery. All this can […]