Dirk de Korne

Dirk de Korne

About the speaker:

Dr De Korne is the Deputy Director, Medical Innovation & Care Transformation at KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital (KKH), Singapore. In KKH, he is responsible for the hospitals’ overall innovation strategy and execution, including the alignment and facilitation of initiatives and projects pertaining to cross-departments, multi-disciplinary collaborations towards patient service integration with relevant stakeholders.

Since 2003, Dirk has focused on quality improvement and organizational strategy in hospital care. His implementation, research, and teaching work focusses on understanding the diffusion of quality and patient safety innovations and include business process and systems design, telehealth, human factors & ergonomics, and performance benchmarking. Before his move to Singapore in 2013, he worked as Quality & Safety Consultant and Research Fellow at The Rotterdam Eye Hospital and The Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute, Netherlands. As lecturer he has been teaching health care quality and organizational sciences as well supervised bachelor and master graduates at the Institute of Health Policy and Management. He holds a MSc in Health Policy & Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam and a PhD in Public Health from University of Amsterdam.

Panel Session 1: The Role of Quality Labeling for Serious Games


Despite there being large number of released medical serious games, only a minority of them are successfully implemented and used in the context for which they were designed. This may be attributed to a great variation in quality and a lack of transparency regarding the rationale, relevance and scientific validity of these games. It is […]