Loh Huey Peng

Loh Huey Peng

What do Nurses know about Gaming?

About the speaker:

Deputy Director of Nursing, Operating Theatre/ DayWard, Singapore National Eye Centre

Ms Loh Huey Peng is the Deputy Director of Nursing at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC). Her perioperative experience and background have given her opportunities to be actively involved in quality improvement, risk and patient safety management in SNEC. Ms Loh obtained her Masters in Heath Administration and Advanced Diploma in Perioperative and is currently pursuing her part-time Doctoral of Philosophy studies at the Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies (ALCNS), National University of Singapore (NUS).

She was inspired on application of Non-Technical Skills (NTS) into healthcare setting, specifically around operating theatre, after her visit to Rotterdam Eye Hospital, Netherlands for the first inaugural World Association of Eye Hospital (WAEH) meeting back in 2007. She was intrigued and fascinated on studies done in applying aviation NTS principles into operating theatre, for example surgeons experiencing the role of a pilot. She thought this area could potentially bridge efforts towards adverse patient safety events which are still a prevalent concern till today. She was determined to explore this area for her thesis and choose to focus her research around situation awareness (SA), because it is one of the key components of NTS. In aviation, the emphasis of having good SA is the basis for safety. Her research and effort to improve SA, is challenging, because of its subjectivity and limited by ability to measure its components objectively. SA is neither easy to explain nor explicitly taught in academic curricula. Individual are expected to develop through experience on the job. Existing methods through didactic, simulation requires extensive resources and cannot be conducted frequently, Her study hopes to use novel platform through gaming to deliver and train these SA principles. This platform may appeal and reach out to younger technology savvy generation and shape self- motivation for continuous learning. One day she hopes to see NTS components incorporated as part of orientation programs before a staff is exposed into an actual clinical setting and gaming will be play an important role in healthcare training.

Session 3A (Healthcare Track) : What do Nurses know about Gaming?


Synopsis: A game design to engage and train scrub nurses in operating theatre to sharpen their situation awareness capabilities, based on actual scenario where they perform their day to day task. The game focused on soft skills essential for patient safety. Studies have shown, education through innovative delivery methods such as gaming or AR enhances […]