Noor Azhar Mohamed

Noor Azhar Mohamed

About the speaker:

Noor Azhar currently leads a team of Academic Mentors and Course Chairs in the research and formulation of the Simulated Practice pedagogy framework for diplomas adopting it as a core pedagogical approach at the Singapore Polytechnic (SP).

Prior to doing work as an Education Advisor at SP’s Educational Development Department, Noor Azhar was Course Chair and Senior Lecturer at the SP Design School for 10 years. He was a key staff in identifying trends in the visual communication sector and initiated several key moves in the diploma’s core curriculum development which includes clearer articulation of its strengths through the formation of electives for final year students, and introducing refinements to the final year project briefs to allow greater display of strength of the students’ works and portfolio. He also pioneered the formation of The Student Agency here, where students learn through client-based simulation projects and taking up various roles as required in the creative industry.

Another area of his work interest is in the area of cultivating Intrinsic Motivation among learners at the Polytechnic – for both students and faculty members. The work has taken his team to strategise a campaign to bring back the #spjoyofteaching and #spjoyoflearning, that later further extended to building experimental spaces as platforms for the teaching and learning community to design, play and experiment with pedagogies, such as the Escape Room.

Session 4B (Industry Track) : A Pedagogical Framework for Simulated Practice


Synopsis: Is debrief truly the most important part of learning through simulation? Know the critical stages and elements that make Simulated Practice a key method of teaching at the Singapore Polytechnic. Be introduced to the framework that the Polytechnic faculty use as the guiding tool when teaching using Simulated Practice to produce the desired attributes […]