Nur Shazalyn Abdullah

Nur Shazalyn Abdullah

About the speaker:

Shazalyn serves as a Child Life Therapist in the CHAMPs department (Child Life, Art Therapy and Music Therapy programmes) at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. She has been working in the field of Child Life since 2015. After graduating from National University of Singapore, she pursued her passion in the early childhood industry as an educator for three years. Using her experience in this industry, she then transited to her career in Child Life, a field she volunteered for in her university days. Shazalyn believes she can make a positive impact on the little patients’ experiences and ease them through their hospital stays. She is a firm advocate of the motto ‘prevention is better than cure,’ specializing in pre-operative preparation to prevent healthcare-induced trauma.

Session 7B (Healthcare Track) : Reducing Pediatric Healthcare-Induced Anxiety and Trauma Using Technology


Synopsis: Hospitalization can be emotionally threatening and psychologically traumatizing for children. They experience sense of helplessness, fear and pain, causing them to feel powerless in the hospital. Due to their limited cognitive development, children may use behavior, instead of words , to communicate how they feel. Common behaviors displayed in the hospital would include withdrawal, […]