Pauline Michelle Ruiz Balbino

Pauline Michelle Ruiz Balbino

About the speaker:

Pauline took her degree and was a licensed Occupational Therapist in the Philippines before she moved to Singapore to work. She is a fully registered Occupational Therapist and is mainly looking after orthopedic patients. Her greatest passion is teaching patients on how to be independent despite their disability. She helps clients to overcome the challenges that they face with their disability. She recommends equipment and techniques that will help them to perform their daily activities. She equips the patient’s caregivers and/ or family members the necessary knowledge and skills that will assist them in giving the best care that they could provide. She believes that an eclectic approach should be used to manage each individual. Her educational background and vast experience in Occupational Therapy helps her to have an eclectic and holistic approach in training her patients. She has passion in improving Occupational Therapy services by Innovation. She believes that through innovation, anyone could give better and quality services to the patients.

Session 4A (Healthcare Track) : WheelAway: A Virtual Reality Simulation for Motorized Wheelchair Training


Synopsis: A motorized wheelchair is ideal for elderly who are unable to self-propel a standard wheelchair due to decreased strength, endurance or coordination. In Singapore, there is an increasing trend in mobility limitations among the elderly. The availability of personal mobility aids for the elderly will help them to be independent in the community. This […]