Richard Jorna

Richard Jorna

About the speaker:

Richard Jorna is a registered nurse with a heart for healthcare and a mind for entrepreneurship and science. After receiving his Bachelor in nursing in 1997 he worked in the traumatology ward and later as a psychiatric nurse.

In 2005 he decided to start to work for himself in order to make more room to foster his ideas for ways of improving healthcare. In 2011, as his father was diagnosed with early onset dementia, he chose to shift his focus to elderly care. His principle area of focus is aimed at equipping healthcare professionals with tools and methods that improve their collegial skills and job effectiveness.

Besides developing new creative solutions to healthcare challenges, Richard works for about 5 healthcare companies a year, project-based. While working alongside his nursing colleagues, he assists them and the senior management in their challenge to improve their teams. Richard is also co-creator of thumbl: an AI-driven conversational technology that interacts with all people within an organization, so that organization-wide habits are developed and teams are thriving in an agile workspace. Some of the top companies in the Netherlands use thumbl to aid their teams in their team development processes. Currently he is looking into which gaming solutions – supported by A.I. processes – may assist and accelerate healthcare team development.

Richard loves to read and swim. He had been married for 21 years to Marleen. Together they have three teenage children. His motto is: Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Session 2B (Industry Track) : Quartets Game ‘Medicinal Safety in Healthcare’


Synopsis: On the work floor of healthcare wards there is a lot of ambiguity about Medicinal Safety. For example: ‘When do both nurses have to sign for a medical nursing procedure?’ ‘Am I allowed to write on the prescription note of a physician?’ ‘Do I always have to lock our medicine trolley?’ This uncertainty in […]