Roosmaryn Spliet

Roosmaryn Spliet

About the speaker:

Roosmaryn Spliet is senior partner for &samhoud in Singapore. &samhoud helps organisations in breakthrough change. Our expertise is in the areas of organisational and behavioural change, serious gaming, leadership & team development and cultural transformation.

We strive to exceed expectations, don’t shy away from thinking in disruptive solutions and dare to be out of the ordinary. This is reflected in the creative, out of the box solutions we offer. In our gaming business we create serious games and gamification solutions to help organisations with a variety of challenges, such as complex behavioral change, engaged learning, self-management and knowledge sharing. Since 1999, we have developed and designed over 400 national and international games in the corporate, healthcare and education industry.

We are located in Singapore, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

Panel Session 2: What does it take to create a Serious Games Marketplace?


The worldwide five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for Game- based Learning products and services is a robust 37.1% and revenues will more than quadruple to reach well over $17 billion by 2023. Global, regional, and country market conditions are now extremely favorable for serious game suppliers. The worldwide educational game market is now in […]