Tan Yi Ling

Tan Yi Ling

About the speaker:

Yi Ling is an Orthoptist from Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), specializing in the assessment and non-surgical management of patients with eye misalignment and defective eye coordination. She received her undergraduate studies from the University of Sydney under the SingHealth Health Sciences Scholarship. She has special interests in orthoptic managements of paediatric strabismus through various eye exercises, and in rehabilitation in low vision & stroke. Her passion has brought her to be co-leading the Early Intervention Clinic in SNEC. She is also actively involved in the research study of the effectiveness of orthoptic exercises in strabismus management.

Session 7A (Healthcare Track) : MyEyeGym – An Innovative Eye Training


Synopsis: In Singapore, Cats stereogram exercise has often been prescribed as treatment for patients with intermittent exotropia (IXT) in the clinical Orthoptics setting. This traditional stereogram exercise has been shown to be effective in its management of IXT. However, this Cats stereogram exercise utilises a piece of printed card which is often lost or damaged. […]